The world is witnessing a refugee crisis of global proportions as war, persecution, and increasing poverty sequester growing refugee populations in camps, contention centers, and slums. The refugee crisis is addressed by actors of various capacities and motivations. Governmental organizations, international humanitarian agencies, donors, social entrepreneurs, journalists, volunteers, artists, and activists impact the life of refugees in a particularly fragile environment. In this setting, the line between solidarity and compassion towards personal profit and exploitation is easy to cross. How can we address the refugee crisis in light of the pressing political and ethical concerns? When involved in the humanitarian context, an ethical conduct of practice is essential. 

The Code of Ethics is a project of the MIT Future Heritage Lab that features ethical considerations for a critical practice in humanitarian context. The entries include contributions from educational institutions (faculty, researchers, students), preservation experts (historians, museum curators), NGO’s engaged in humanitarian relief, as well as refugees.  

The Code of Ethics currently features contributions collected during our research, exhibitions and classes. We are looking forward to welcome entries through this websites within the next few weeks.

* We are looking forward to feature your contribution. If interested, an online participation form will be ready during the next few weeks. Please check the Be a Contributor tab.